We are proud to announce that as of January 2nd we will be at a new location!

Come check out our new gym located at 1475 Moffat Blvd Unit 7

Manteca Ca 95337

Our new gym has many improvements including:

-larger building

-more parking

-better neighborhood

-separated preschool area

-new equipment

-themed fun lesson plans

As a result of the move and reorganizing class times, the following changes will occur as of January 2nd:

Monday Changes

M3:00 Tay (Ages 4-5)---------> M3:30 Tay
M4:00 Chelsi (ages 6-9) ------> M4:30 Chelsi
M430 Jenna (TEAM) ----------> M4:00 Jenna
M4:30 Jessie (Ages 6-9) -----> M4:30 Tay
M500 Chelsi (Ages 6-9) ------->M530 Chelsi
M5:30 Jessie (Ages 6-9) Level 2 ---> M5:30 Tay
M6:00 Jenna (Age 3) -------------> M6:00 Jessie
M630 Jessie (ages 6-9) ----------> M6:30 Tay

Tuesday Changes
T5:00 Chelsi (Age 4-5) -----> T500 Chelsi (Age 6-9)
T6:00 Jenna (Age 3) ------------> T600 Jessie
T600 Kelly (Age 4-5)------------> T630 Jessie
T6:30 Jenna (Age 8+) Level 3 --> T6:00 Jenna
T700 Jessie (Age 8+) -----------> T600 Tay
T730 Tay (Tumbling 5+) --------> T700 Tay
T730 Jenna (Preteam)-----------> T700 Jenna

Wednesday Changes
W3:30 Chelsi (Age 4-5) -----------> W3:30 Jessie
W4:00 Jessie (Age 6-9)------------> W3:30 Chelsi
W5:30 Kelly (Age 4-5)--------------> W5:30 Jessie
W5:30 Jessie (Age 6-9) -----------> W5:30 Kelly

Thursday Changes
TH5:30 Jenna (Age 4-5)---------->TH5:30 Jessie
TH 5:30 Jessie (Age 6+ ) Level 2-->TH 5:30 Jenna

Friday and Saturday NO CHANGES

Monday 4:30 Jessie (Ages 4-5)
Monday 5:30 Jessie (Ages 3)
Monday 5:30 Jenna Trampoline and Tumbling Class (Ages 5-8)
Monday 6:30 Toddler (Ages 1-2)
Wednesday 4:30 Jessie (Age 3)
Thursday 5:00 Jessie (Age 3)

Funtastic Gymnastics was born out of a need by the Manteca community for a local gymnastic academy. Gymnastics is a “balanced” activity, the benefits are enormous and lasting. It provides a foundation for better health, better grades, successful sports participation and character building into a successful adult.


Our Mission Statement:   

“Developing Healthy, Happy, Responsible        Adults—And Making It Fun!”


is the backdrop for all of our programs, activities, and policies.  The child who has difficulty with every new skill receives just as much attention and benefit as the gymnastic natural. Special needs children to the future Olympiads — all have a place at Funtastic Gymnastics.


Our Funtastic motto:

“Investing In Your Child’s Future” 

is woven into every part of our business.



We welcome you to Funtastic Gymnastics, and hope you have a Funtastic Day!

Registration is ALWAYS open! Call for a TRIAL class!


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Funtastic Gymnastics

1475 Moffat Blvd Unit 7

Manteca, CA 95337

(209) 825-5564

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